Moore Newton is certified as a distributor of FSC® wood products by the Forest Stewardship Council®. In addition to demonstrating our commitment to providing environmentally conscious wood products, this certification allows us to stock, source and provide FSC® certified wood products which will contribute to LEED credits for commercial and institutional projects.

Moore Newton has sourced and provided FSC® panels and lumber into some of the most renowned commercial and institutional projects constructed in Northern California over the last decade.








Moore Newton has the ability to provide FSC® certified wood products. Many of the Bay Area’s major commercial and institutional projects require FSC® certified wood products, making Moore Newton a leader in the ability to provide wood products for the largest green applications.








We can provide FSC certified wood products in any specification to contribute to LEED Credit: MR 7.

The vast majority of our hardwood plywood and special-order plywood is also NAF (no added formaldehyde), contributing to LEED Credit: EQ 4.4

NHLA Certification

Moore Newton is a member of the National Hardwood Lumber Association.  We are one of the only hardwood distributors in California with a full-time NHLA grader on the floor who oversees all warehouse operations, inspecting new inventory, millwork stock, and special order lumber.

This ensures that every board we sell meets or exceeds the grade it is being sold as, and that all millwork packages and special orders are of the highest quality standards.