Company History

  • 2006


    In 2006, John Moore opened Moore Quality Hardwoods. He unloaded his first truck load of plywood into an empty warehouse, just as he did 20 years ago when he had helped start PALS; he knew the long road that lied ahead of him.

  • 2008


    Two years later, Mark Newton, previously a member of Lane Stanton Vance, became John's partner, bringing with him years of experience and knowledge of hardwood lumber and millwork. Moore Quality Hardwoods became Moore Newton Quality Hardwoods.

  • 2012

    A New Era

    In 2013, Higgins Lumber, one of the largest and finest distributors of hardwood products in California, closed its doors. Moore Newton absorbed some of the best sales representatives and staff members over the next few weeks. An entire new plethora of business came with this transition, and Moore Newton quickly began to outgrow its original facility.

  • 2013

    More Space, More Trucks, More Inventory

    in 2014, Moore Newton moved into a new location twice the size of the original warehouse, with a nice, large office, and a beautiful spacious warehouse filled with natural light from the saw tooth ceiling.

    The new space allowed Moore Newton to increase inventory and operating efficiency, allowing us to grow into the large and successful distribution company we are today.

    Moore Newton retired its old fleet of trucks, replacing them with brand new beautiful fleet of CARB compliant bobtails, curtain vans, and tractor trailers, that all bear the Moore Newton logo, bringing our image of quality to the road.

    We continue to grow, consistently adding better and greater inventory items, and becoming one of the most reputable distributors of hardwood forest products in Northern California.