Panels designed by you

Certain projects require more than a stock panel. Design and create the perfect panel for your project with custom panels through Moore Newton.

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Designing your Panel

Anything is possible when building a custom panel, with every component specified by you and ordered to your specs. With so many choices, things can get complicated--our sales team will work with you to help you determine the best core, veneer, grade, and dimensional specs for your application.  

NAF & FSC® Certification

Working on a LEED project? Need to meet indoor air quality specs? Our custom panels can be ordered as FSC certified and with soy-based glues, earning LEED credits for certified wood. Moore Newton is a distributor for the biggest names in formaldehyde-free plywood, including Columbia Forest Products (Purebond®) and States Industries (ApplePly®), This allows us to fulfill a wide range of the most popular brands spec'd by architects and designers. 

Quoting and Manufacturing

As a direct distributor for some of the biggest hardwood plywood manufacturers, we are able to regularly quote and order custom panels to be manufactured and shipped with weekly truckloads from our main manufacturers. Our supply chain and volume allows us to offer the highest quality custom panels with short lead time and at a fraction of the cost of local alternatives. 


Included with every custom panel order is free delivery to your shop. Our custom panel solutions offer a complete package from start to finish. All you need to do is call or email us and let us do the rest. 

Do more with architectural panels

Architectural sequencing and matching is the perfect solution for highly specialized casework and paneling projects.

Seamless design

Specified sequences and blueprint matched sequencing allow for perfectly matched panels to be used throughout a space to create a seamless appearance.

Value Added

Our custom architectural panels offer the same, high appearance standard without the exponential price increase, giving you a value added opportunity. 

Industry-leading technology

As a distributor for both Columbia Forest Products and States Industries, Moore Newton's ability to offer the latest technologies from industry-leading manufacturers means a world of possibilities.

ApplePly® & EuroPly®

Void-less multi-ply panels offer an aesthetic core and high level of quality for  exposed edge and routed pattern possibilities

MPX Core

Columbia's MPX core with sanded Poplar crossbands offers the smoothness and reduced telegraphing of a combination core without the added weight.

UV-Cured Finish

High performing UV finishes offer extreme durability, a high-quality appearance, and tremendous time and money saved by eliminating your finishing processes.