Hardwood Plywood Inventory

Moore Newton's robust inventory has everything you need to complete your project in stock, with free-next day delivery.

With hundreds of hardwood plywood items in stock, Moore Newton offers a wide range of hardwood plywood products designed to make your project better.

C2 Maple

Make your custom cabinets even more customized with our wide range of specialty grade and core options designed for every application and budget. Competitive veneer core Maple panels offer a quality yet economical panel for boxes; higher-end MPX® core and calibrated core panels from Columbia Forest Products offer an upgraded appearance and tighter tolerances for higher-end shops and  CNC cutting.

A1 Panels

Moore Newton's specialized A1 panels add value to your projects with unparalleled consistency and appearance. With most species available sequence matched, create perfectly grain-matched runs throughout an entire room. Available in both combination core and MDF core, smooth, flat panels offer a flawless finish.

Add value with architectural panels: Learn more

MultiPly for Exposed Edges

Use our Maple ApplePly® with an attractive exposed edge for drawers, furniture and high-quality cabinetry. A solid hardwood core offers increased stability and increased strength to create one of the highest quality panels on the market. 

Domestic Hardwood Plywood

  • Alder, Clear, P/S
  • Alder, Knotty, P/S
  • Ash, P/S, Qtrd
  • Beech, European P/S
  • Birch, Red, White & Natural, WPF
  • Cherry, P/S & Qtrd (Available in Prefinished)
  • Fir, Qtrd
  • Hickory/Pecan, P/S
  • Mahogany, Khaya, P/S (Available in Prefinished)
  • Maple, P/S, WPF, Qtrd (Many grades and cores available)
  • Maple, Prefinished, P/S, WPF (Many grades and cores available)
  • Oak, Red, P/S, WPF, & Qtrd
  • Oak, White, P/S, Qtrd & Rift (Available in Prefinished)
  • Oak, White, Rustic
  • Sapele, Qtrd

Domestic Maple Plywood (C2)

  • Soy-based, formaldehyde-free Purebond® and SoyStrong® technologies
  • Whole Piece Face/Rotary C2 White Maple 
  • Veneer core, MPX®, combination core, calibrated core, MDF 
  • Unfinished, pre-finished 2 sides, pre-finished 1 side
  • 1/4" thru 1" thicknesses, 8' & 10 'lengths
  • unit-pricing and quantity discounts available

Import Hardwood Plywood

  • Birch, White, WPF
  • Birch, White, Prefinished, WPF
  • Birch, White, WPF, lightweight core (30% lighter)*available prefinished*
  • Birch, White, WPF, lightweight combination core (30% lighter) *available prefinished*
  • Lauan, WPF

Specialty Import Plywood

  • Russian Birch: 1/4" thru 1" thicknesses, 5'x5', 4'x8', 10'x5'
  • Marine Plywood BS1088: 1/8" thru 1" thicknesses (Okoume & Hydrotek)
  • Bending Poplar/Bending Lauan: 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 4'x8' & 8'x4'
  • Joubert Poply (lightweight Poplar plywood, France)

Softwood Plywood/Construction Plywood

  • ACX Fir Plywood
  • ACX Fire Retardant Fir Plywood
  • ARAUCOPLY premium Radiata Pine ACX plywood
  • CDX Fir Plywood
  • MDO (Medium-Density Overlay)
  • OSB (Oriented Strand Board)

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