Joubert Poply

Light in Weight, Heavy in Quaity

Manufactured in France by Joubert Group, Joubert Poply is a high-grade plywood product that is notably lighter in weight than standard veneer core plywood.

  • core: composed of high-grade Poplar inner plies and marine-grade glue (no-added formaldehyde), the core is void-free and features an attractive core ideal for exposed-edge applications
  • veneers: beautiful, whole piece, I/II-grade bright-white Poplar veneers are used on the face and back. The smooth, consistent grain creates a perfect paint-grade surface that is also suitable for stain-grade and finish-grade applications
  • weight: with a 30% reduction in weight over traditional veneer-core plywood, Joubert Poply is the highest-grade lightweight plywood on the market, boasting an exceptional core and high-grade decorative veneers.

The impressive characteristics of Joubert Poply create an impressive, high-quality product with a tremendous range of applications. Perfect for mobile applications where every pound counts, Moore Newton’s new Joubert Poply product line allows you to reduce the weight of your build, without sacrificing an ounce of quality.

  • custom RV/Sprinter Van build-outs
  • specialty vehicles (i.e. mobile command centers)
  • marine and aviation applications
  • specialty projects requiring lightweight components (i.e. automated/motorized cabinet components)