Hardwood Lumber

Moore Newton stocks a robust inventory of the most commercially useful domestic and exotic hardwood lumber products.

More commonly available species are often available in 4/4 through 12/4 thickness as well as in surfaced and straight-lined material and s4s stock.

Softwood Lumber

In addition to hardwoods, Moore Newton stocks many dimensions of only the highest grades in clear vertical-grain Western Red Cedar and Douglas Fir.

We also carry Hemlock, Sugar Pine, and Ponderosa Pine in rough-sawn and S4S stock.

Hardwood Plywood

Moore Newton provides a wide array of high quality domestic plywood. Most of our stock comes from Columbia Forest Products and States Industries, meaning most of our stock panels are NAF and environmentally friendly.

In addition, Moore Newton stocks many high-end species in architectural-grade panels that exceed the appearance standards typically expected from a stock panel.

Composite Panels

With the growing rise in demand for a diverse range of composite panels for CNC routing and paint-grade cabinetry, Moore Newton has developed an extensive inventory of high quality composite panels for every application.

Lightweight MDF, industrial particleboard, and various melamine products are stocked in unit quantities for high-volume orders.

Edgebanding and Veneer

Edgebanding is available to complement all major plywood panel lines we stock, available in un-finished and pre-finished, automatic and pre-glued.

We also stock 4×8 10mil paper-back veneers in most domestic species, and can order high-end and specialty veneers shipped directly to you quickly and competitively.