Lightweight Import Birch MDF Cross Band

Tarriffs on Chinese-manufactured hardwood plywood have led to increased availability of Indonesian and Vietnamese-manufactured panels. These new supply markets have led to new import panel products, such as lightweight Birch plywood.

Moore Newton is now stocking a lightweight import Birch with an MDF cross band. With a weight similar to a traditional veneer core panel and a thin layer of MDF just beneath the outermost decorative veneers, our lightweight cross band Birch panels demonstrate reduced telegraphing, greater stability, but avoid the added weight found in traditional domestic cross band panels. Ultimately, our new lightweight import Birch is a versatile, high-quality product for a fraction of the price, and the weight.

  • 3/4″x4’x8′ dimension
  • C2 White Birch veneers (ideal for paint-grade)
  • light weight core, approximate weight of 65 lbs. per sheet
  • thin MDF cross bands eliminating telegraphing and increasing stability
  • reduced cost of an import product