Russian Birch

Looking for a better edge on your next project? A void-free multiply panel adds an attractive core edge that can be left exposed and worked just like real wood.

Lose the edgebanding.

Constructed of solid 1/16”-thick Birch plies, Russian Birch is a versatile panel, ideal for exposed-edge applications and applications demanding higher strength and durability. With a solid hardwood construction, Russian Birch can be worked just like real wood; the many layers within the core create an attractive substrate that looks great in any application from dovetailed drawers to flat-packed furniture.

A wide range of dimensions and grades make Russian Birch a flexible alternative for your projects, whether it be furniture, cabinetry, consumer goods, or jigs and cabinetry around your shop. Today, Russian Birch is continuing to grow as a favorite amongst professionals for its high-quality construction and versatile performance at a reasonable cost.

Design more

An attractive edge-grain opens the doors to all sorts of design possibilities. Russian Birch doesn't require any edge treatment  - complex angles, curves, routed patterns, and even 3-dimensional, laser-cut art are just some of the many possibilities Russian Birch offers in expanding your designs. By laminating multiple pieces together, you can even create large, edge-grain components to create a unique and stunning aesthetic. 

Do less work

Russian Birch has grown in popularity with consumer goods manufacturing due to its economical cost and minimal finish work. The attractive edge-grain means you can cut out large volumes of goods without having to worry about costly and time-consuming edgebanding processes. For cabinetry and furniture, Russian Birch can be used as an economical alternative that takes less work to get from panel to finished product.

Add strength and durability

With a void-free, solid hardwood construction, Russian Birch offers added strength and durability over standard hardwood plywood products. Russian Birch resists denting and collapsing under pressure, meaning it can even be used as a high-end subfloor. 4'x8' Russian Birch is manufactured with a marine-grade glue, and is less likely to react with moisture than other plywood products. 

Dimensions and Specs


  • 1/4" through 1" thicknesses
  • B/BB, BB/BB, & BB/CP grades
  • Phenolic marine-grade glue


  • 1/8" through 3/4" thicknesses
  • B/BB, BB/BB, & BB/CP grades
  • Interior glue

10'x5, 10'x4'

  • 3/4" thickness
  • BB/BB grade
  • Phenolic marine-grade glue

Moore Newton maintains a large inventory of Russian Birch in dozens of grades and dimensions. Unit quantities are in stock and available for free next-day delivery. 

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