Our large on-the-ground inventory of quality hardwood and softwood lumber combined with our partnerships with Bay Area millwork facilities allow Moore Newton to offer complete millwork solutions of any spec, quickly and competitively.


The quality of a millwork is only as good as the quality of the lumber that goes into it. This makes Moore Newton the number-one provider of millwork packages in the Bay Area. Our robust inventory of the highest-grade hardwood and softwood lumber products combined with a millwork fulfillment staff that puts quality first allows Moore Newton to ensure that every millwork we put forth meets or exceeds appearance standards and is ready for install as soon as it leaves our truck.

Moore Newton maintains a large inventory of rough-sawn domestic and exotic hardwood and softwood lumber products. In the most sought-after species, we stock a wide array of thicknesses, widths, and lengths, as well as grades. This large on-the-ground inventory allows Moore Newton to fulfill even the largest amounts of material required for millwork the same day a millwork order is placed. Our large and diverse rough-sawn lumber inventory allows Moore Newton to turn around millworks quickly and competitively, making Moore Newton a leader in Northern California millwork solutions.



As part of our millwork services, Moore Newton offers complimentary consultation and quotation to help you bid, get the job, and get the best product at the best price. There are many variables that ultimately determine the cost and quality of a millwork:

  • specie and cut of lumber to be used
  • grade of lumber to be used
  • thicknesses, widths, and lengths of lumber to be used
  • lead time and deadline of a project
  • quantities and set-up charges

Moore Newton has produced thousands of successful millwork packages, ranging from a hundred linear feet to truckload quantities. Our experience and expertise allows us to help you determine what needs to go into a millwork so the final product is the best product at the best cost.

Stock Fulfillment

Once the millwork order is signed off and placed, Moore Newton will send a ticket to our yard for fulfillment of the rough material required for the millwork. Our dedicated millwork fulfillment staff carefully selects every piece of material that will go into a millwork, ensuring top-notch quality and minimal waste.

Some millworks requires a quantity specie, dimension, or grade that we do not stock; our vast network of suppliers and mills allows Moore Newton to quickly source virtually even the most extraordinary lumber dimensions to fulfill even the most demanding specifications.

Once rough stock is sorted and prepared, it will be delivered on one of our trucks to the appropriate millwork facility the next day.


Moore Newton works closely with several Bay Area millwork facilities; our relationships with these mills allow us to determine which facility is best suited to a particular millwork, ensuring the best millwork at the best cost.

Our dedicated millwork manager oversees each millwork from start to finish, carefully reviewing and monitoring each work order to ensure accuracy and timely completion.


Once milling is complete, one of our trucks will bring the finished product back to our facility for inspection, tally, and packaging.

Ever millwork is re-counted by hand and inspected to make sure that quantities were met, tallies are correct, and, most importantly, that the final product meets the quality and appearance standards expected. The millwork is then packaged and bundled per customer’s specification for delivery.


Once delivery is scheduled, Moore Newton’s fleet of flatbeds and tractor trailers will have your material delivered at no extra cost. We work diligently to never run late, meaning we will have your millwork to you, ready for install before your deadline, guaranteed.

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