Moore Newton’s vast distributor network allows us to source an extraordinary array of specialty hardwood lumber products at a competitive price, making us a leading provider of high-end and unique wood products to Northern California.


Moore Newton maintains relationships with hundreds of the finest manufacturers and importers of domestic and exotic hardwoods. This allows us to track down and provide virtually any hardwood lumber product imaginable.

Moore Newton will work to source you even the most extraordinary specifications of a hardwood lumber product; whether it be a unit of an uncommon exotic lumber , or an exceptional length and width spec of a domestic lumber, we have the capabilities and connections to source it.



Have a millwork that requires a specialty specie or dimension? Send us your tallies and we will do our best to source it and quote it.




Our exceptionally diverse network of various manufacturers, importers, and wholesale distributors allows us to source both full units of material competitively, as well as pulled-to-order material for jobs that do not justify the purchase of a unit of lumber.

  • Domestic manufacturers for large quantities of a specific dimension and grade of a domestic specie
  • Importers for large quantities of an exotic hardwood lumber
  • Specialty wholesalers for orders that require the pulling and fulfillment of a given range of dimensions
  • Specialty outlets that specialize in unique and uncommon hardwood lumber products


Locating and Quoting

If you send us your inquiry, we will be to provide a general idea on the availability, cost, and lead time of the product you are looking for. Once the availability is confirmed, we will then proceed to source the material and provide an exact quotation and lead time on getting you the product.


Once a quotation is approved, we will carefully review the order with you to ensure that the material you receive is exactly what you need. Hardwood lumber is a subjective product that demonstrates a tremendous array of variation in quality and appearance; reviewing and confirming a special order will ensure that your requirements of a given product are met.


Moore Newton always has containers rolling from domestic mills, as well as trucks coming in from Southern California and other states regularly. This allows us to add special orders to our regular deliveries, reducing lead time and shipping costs.

Inspection and Delivery

Upon receipt of your special order at our San Leandro warehouse, we will inspect and tally your lumber to ensure quality and grading standards are met and quantities are accurate.

Any special order includes complimentary delivery to any truck-accessible location in the greater Bay Area. We will have your material in your shop on or before the required delivery date, guaranteed.

Looking for an uncommon specie or dimension of lumber?