Architectural Panels

A perfectly consistent look in every veneer

When it comes to high end cabinetry and casework, consistency is key. With sequence matched, end matched, and balance matched architectural panels in-stock, you can add value to your projects without the added cost and lead time of a custom layup.

High class appearance

Moore Newton stocks architectural panels in Walnut, White Oak, Teak, and other high-end species.

Specialized and Customized

Custom grain and color sorts create a quality standard typically reserved for high-end custom layups without the added cost. 

In stock

With dozens of species in stock in a wide array of dimensions, sequence-matched and architectural-grade panels are available for free next-day delivery, without the added lead time. 

Value added

Adding the high-end look of architectural panels to your project elevates the quality of your finished product and adds tremendous value to your projects with little added cost.Creating a perfect, seamless appearance has never been easier, with dozens of species and sizes in stock.

Vertical-grain products, such as Rift White Oak and Quartersawn Walnut, are in hot demand. Upgrading these panels to a premium architectural grade makes achieving this clean, modern look that much easier. 

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