Complete milling solutions

Our offsite millwork facility allows us to produce high quality millwork packages for any project, big or small. Any molding, profile, or pattern can be ran from our extensive selection of high grade, rough sawn lumber with a quick turnaround time and a competitive cost.

From start to finish


Review & Quoting

There are many variables involved that ultimately determine the cost and quality of a millwork, such as specie, cut, grade, dimensions, lead times and millwork charges. Getting these components right is key to producing quality millwork. With decades of experience, we understand what works best and what doesn't, and will work with you and determine the best way to go for your project.



With hundreds of thousands of board feet of the highest grade lumber in stock to select from, our highly experienced fulfillment staff will pull the proper widths, lengths and quality specs required for each order. Careful management of our millwork input allows us to maintain a high standard of quality that meets the demands and expectations of our customers every time.



Our millwork manager oversees each millwork from start to finish, carefully reviewing and monitoring each work order to ensure accuracy and timely completion. Our mill has built a reputation of quality and consistency by taking great care to produce high quality millwork on every order. Higher quality materials mean a higher quality finished product, adding value to your projects and saving you time.



Once your order has been completed, packaged, tallied and inspected, Moore Newton will deliver it at no extra charge. Our millwork packages are a complete package from start to finish--all you have to do is call or email us with your order and let us do the rest. From moldings and casings to glued up tops and box beams, a wide range of services has you covered on any project, large or small.